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ASCC (Acceptance and Succes by Cooperative Culture)

  •  One-day Seminar for Leaders
  • Project Managers
  • Project Team Members
  • Software-Designer
  • Software-Developer
  • Quality manager
  • Systemanalyzer


  • Change Management
  • Constructive Culture
  • Recording the Starting Position
  • Defining the Fields of Action
  • Strategy for each Field of Action
  • Coordination and Implementation


In today’s times of fast changes also organizations are requested to adjust fast and frequently to altering environmental conditions. This requires a high level of engagement and – foremost – a willingness to change. One pre-condition for your successful Change Management are motivated and skilled leadership teams, who are willing and capable to see and to convey the big picture. 

Together with your teams we will work out an understanding of cooperative leadership style. The approach will be tailored to your teams so that they will be able to achieve significant improvements of their team results in a very short timeframe by cross-functional thinking and will also be able to react very quickly on exterior changes. 

Generally a living example is mandatory, but not satisfactory in order to teach and improve midsize or bigger teams in the right direction. This requires methods and techniques which will be trained and internalized within this seminar. Based on this it is possible to achieve a long-lasting positive effect that leads to external and internal acknowledment of your team’s sucesses on one hand and also to an enhancement of employee motivation on the other hand. 

Setting the team goals right will therefore support the company’s goals optimally.

Our thoughts determine our lifes. Therefore it is important to feed our brains with good and constructive thoughts. This is the first step to cooperative culture. 

Cyber Security

  • Training Basic knowlegde Cyber Security risk and threat analysis
  • Further details ongoing 

Management Training

We offer this training based on your specific needs and we will tailor it in accordance with your teams' capacities and capabilities.


 This training will be adjusted to your specific topics and the time schedule will be jointly agreed upon.